Cycling Tourism Routes

Boundless landscapes, made up of expanses of water
and grandiose countryside with large trees to find some shade.

A remarkable cycle itinerary can be done through the valleys of Porto Viro. It is about sixty kilometers all on paved road, most of it on the imposing embankments between the external lagoons and the internal fishing valleys. Embankments and very long straights where the greatest obstacle is the wind when it blows against.

Boundless landscapes made of waters and grandiose reclaimed countryside, rare trees to look for a bit of shade. The pedaling, if not heavily bothered by the wind, is always very pleasant and interesting, the charm of these places on the border between sea and land is immense.The road traffic is non-existent and the feeling of solitude is mitigated by the company of numerous birds that circle or they fish in perfect tranquility.

But there are also other more or less demanding proposals suggested by Piste Ciclabili:

  • Delta of the river Po '
  • Portolevante - Boccasette - Portoviro (ring)
  • Porto Viro: cycle path of the right collector route
  • Porto Viro: "Via Gioacchino Rossini" cycle path
  • Porto Viro: San Giusto cycle path
  • Chioggia - Loreo (ring)
  • Delta del Po '(ring)
  • Porto Viro


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