In the center of Porto Levante you will find supermarkets, shops, pizzerias, restaurants and much more to brighten your stay. It is located to the right of the mouth of the Po di Levante. Opposite stretches the Sacca Cavallari, a large stretch of sea separated from the Adriatic by a scanno called "Porto Levante beach".
A little further north is the island of Albarella, a well-known seaside resort. It looks like a typical fishing settlement, recently converted to seaside and naturalistic tourism (located in the Po Delta Regional Park).
At the mouth of the Po di Levante, the northernmost branch of the Po Delta, a short distance from the island of Albarella, there is a small village with characteristic seafaring features. Historically linked to fishing activities, Porto Levante, surrounded by large and suggestive lagoons, represents an excellent starting point for excursions in the lagoon, maritime and river areas. Porto Levante represents one of the privileged accesses to the Po Delta Park area, since it is located at the mouth of the waterway that connects the Polesine to the Po inland: through this navigable canal it is possible to reach the cities of Rovigo, Mantua, Ferrara, Cremona and Piacenza.
Starting from the mouth of the Po di Levante it is in fact possible to experience a fascinating and articulated navigation path, entering the numerous canals that allow you to go up to other inland river ports.

The village of Porto Levante, overlooking the lagoon area of ​​Sacca Cavallari, separated from the sea by the beach of the same name (or "scanno"), looks like a typical fishing village, with low and colorful houses, a characteristic eighteenth-century church and a valuable wooded area, which retains an old icebox and is the destination for pleasant walks for the locals.

Porto Levante is associated with a consolidated river imaginary that refers to interesting literary suggestions, such as those of the writer and director Gianni Celati. In his book Verso la Foce, he describes the village lying on the river through the sounds and voices that characterize it: "This place is a small cluster of houses in a row, at the end of a long inlet that resembles a canal. [...] Most of the houses are located along the harbor crowded with fishing boats, houses with the light plaster of the seaside.
Two girls call each other from house to house, they make prolonged cries like birds [...] I hear cries even from boats, but these are articulated in recognizable words. Meanwhile, swifts fly low over the boats, swooping upwards at the last moment ". In the summer season a ferry is active that from Porto Levante allows you to comfortably reach the beach of the scanno.


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